Shooting claims Grants resident

ALBUQUERQUE - Julian Calbert, of Grants, was shot and killed by an Albuquerque police officer after a short altercation early on June 15. Calbert, according to Grants Police Department officials, resided at 809 Inwood St., with wife Lacreita.

Albuquerque officers responded to a 911 call from a woman who said she was locked inside a trunk and the driver would not let her out, according to reports. Investigators said the conversation led police to the Flying J Truck Stop just off I-40 on Albuquerque's west side.

“I don't want to be in the trunk anymore,” said the woman, now believed to have been Lacreita, to the dispatcher.

When officers arrived, they found the driver, later identified as Julian Calbert, and a female passenger, unidentified as of press time. When Calbert was asked to step out of his car, he lunged at an officer with a large knife, police said.

“A struggle ensued resulting in the officer discharging his firearm,” said Albuquerque Deputy Police Chief Mike Callaway. Calbert died at the scene.

Calbert had a long criminal history. His name was recently published in the Cibola Beacon for violating a restraining order. Calbert was convicted of killing a man in Tucumcari in 1998, according to a Tucumcari newspaper. APD investigators said Calbert was a registered sex offender.

Just last week, according to Grants police, it was reported that Calbert assaulted his wife. She did not make a report of the incident until several days later.

“Because of the type incident it was and not knowing the whereabouts of Calbert, we checked his wife into a domestic violence shelter,” said GPD Lt. Maxine Spidle. Lacreita told GPD that her husband hit her in the head with a rock, according to Spidle. The woman was treated at Cibola General Hospital and was released that same evening.

Apparently, she checked out of the shelter no later than Sunday because GPD received tips that the Calberts were in town together midday. Also, late Sunday evening, according to Spidle, GPD received a call about a person standing on the road in front of 809 Inwood who was very intoxicated. Officers found no one in the street. They believe the person may have been Julian Calbert. According to Spidle, GPD had planned on obtaining an arrest warrant for Calbert.

It appears that Lacreita and a friend of hers were visiting a friend or family member in University of New Mexico Hospital on Monday, June 14, and Calbert kidnapped them, forcing Lacreita in the trunk and the friend in the passenger seat.

According to a report, Calbert had locked Lacreita in the trunk of his car because he was upset that she had obtained a restraining order against him.

The case is still under investigation, according to APD.